Product Journey
Every step of the process, from the initial conversation to final delivery is carefully overseen by our dedicated team.
  • 01

    An order is placed

    The client chooses the design and colourway of the rug. After that we send them a rendering for final approval. The purchase order and rendering are then sent to India.
  • 02


    All designs are by Vanderhurd in house designers with Christine Van Der Hurd leading the team as Creative Director. The design process is research-oriented, including drawing and sampling material studies in collaboration with the weavers to achieve specific quality, construction and colour.
  • 03


    All colours are dyed to order in house on our weaving campus. We dye to any colour and material through our bespoke services, using natural dyes when applicable. Each yarn takes to the dye differently allowing or clients to play with the depth of colour and texture.
  • 04


    Every product is hand woven on hand built looms using all natural materials. Over the years we have developed a variety of unique techniques and constructions with our weaver partners, some of which are so intricate that only one to two inches can be woven a day.
  • 05

    Washing and Drying

    The craft of washing plays an important role in the creation of each rug. The colour can be adjusted and texture can be detailed depending on the wash. All of our rugs and flat weaves are hand washed with mild soap and water, and dried in the Indian sun.
  • 06


    Each piece is finished by hand to the client’s specifications. The finisher hand clips the rugs until every single thread has been taken care of.
  • 07

    Packaging and Shipping

    The rugs and flat weaves are then labelled, wrapped and placed on board a truck where they are taken across the Indian country side to port. From there they are either air or sea freighted to London.
  • 08


    Upon arrival in London, each piece is hand inspected to ensure quality control.
  • 09


    Vanderhurd has a longstanding relationship with the best carpet installers and carpet craftsmen available. Our team install from the simple - placing a rug - to the complicated – fitting complex stair runners, bindings, etc.
Ordering Information

It is our hope that by choosing Vanderhurd our clients will enjoy the process of realizing their vision as much as we do.

Please contact our London studio for further information, to request samples or make an appointment.

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