The quality of our rugs is reflected in our choice of materials. We source only the finest wool, silk, mohair, linen, hemp and viscose yarns to weave in a wide variety of constructions. Most of our rugs can be ordered as an area rug, fitted carpet or stair runner.


Vanderhurd dhurrie designs range from plain colours to subtle stripes and bold geometric patterns. They are hand woven by skilled weavers, who are exclusively trained by Vanderhurd, using either silk, wool or hemp yarns.


Vanderhurd has a continuously evolving library of flatweave floor coverings, using different yarns to create the textures and designs. Silk, wool, viscose, linen and hemp are all woven singly or in varied twisted yarn combinations depending on the type of texture or pattern required.


Vanderhurd designs screen printed, hand and machine embroidered linen. Ideal for curtains, wall coverings, headboards, cushions and upholstery. All of our designs can be made in bespoke colour ways or embellished with embroidery.

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  • Craft

    Our craft is our focus

    Vanderhurd has continued to grow by maintaining an uncompromising standard of quality and respecting the men and women who craft our textiles, rugs and dhurries.

  • Craft

    We seamlessly integrate technical and creative thinking

    Christine’s in depth understanding of the art of weaving allows her to think creatively and technically at the same time. The challenges of the manufacturing process inspire and drive the evolution of the initial concepts. Her designs are focused on the powerful integration of timeless rhythmic patterns and bold colours and textures.

  • Craft

    We collaborate with the best artisans and craftsmen

    Vanderhurd has been working in partnership with extremely talented and experienced artisans in India and Nepal for over 30 years. These individuals are master craftsmen from skilled families, performing an ancient art that has been passed down through the generations. The company’s reputation for exceptional quality and craftsmanship is founded on these longstanding relationships.

  • Craft

    We use only the best materials

    We only work with the finest materials, using special processes to achieve the best results.

  • Craft

    We believe colour should be natural

    One of the greatest differentiators between Vanderhurd and mass produced products is that we do not bleach any of our yarns white before dying them.

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Once the largest antique market in England, the eclectic neighborhood remains a stimulating environment with many bars and restaurants in and amongst the market traders.

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